Mission Statement

Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh is a Catholic school which seeks to create a caring environment, in which Christian values permeate all aspects of school life and teachers and pupils find fulfilment. The school believes in the vital importance of good relationships between teachers, students and parents and is conscious of its role in the broader community. The school recognises the need for the on-going professional development of its staff to meet the challenge of a changing world.

The school endeavours to:

  • provide students with opportunities to live their faith through liturgy, prayer and reflection;
  • inculcate good standards of behaviour and respect for one another;
  • promote academic excellence to the full potential of the individual student;
  • foster the growth of self-worth and confidence through the development of the whole person;
  • provide access to the resources of civilisation;
  • equip students with life-skills and develop their leadership qualities;
  • provide an opportunity for the physical development of each student.

The school hopes to achieve the above through a curriculum which provides well-structured learning experiences, both academic and non-academic.”

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