Aim of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department

The aim of the SEN Department is to identify and understand the special education needs of our students and to provide an appropriate, co-ordinated, continuous and caring response to these needs as students progress through the school.

This involves educating these students in an inclusive environment, and ensuring that they share with their peers as complete an educational experience as is possible.

Identification of Students with Learning Difficulties

The identification of students experiencing learning difficulties may entail one or more of the following elements:

Liaison with Primary Schools

Contact with parents

Screening of all new students enrolling in First Year

Diagnostic testing

Liaison with N.E.P.S. to arrange Psychological Assessment when appropriate and possible

Observations of subject teachers

Organisation of SEN Support


Resource teaching support is given to students with assessed special education needs and who qualify for Resource hours under Dept. of Education guidelines. Support is delivered individually or in small group settings. Resource teachers work closely with subject teachers to identify where support is most needed.


Learning Support teaching is delivered predominantly in small groups to students who are experiencing significant difficulties but do not qualify for Resource teaching hours. The Learning Support teachers provide support in English, Maths and Irish.


Provision is made for students who qualify for S.N.A. hours under the Department of Education guidelines. The nature of the S.N.A. support is determined by the individual needs of each student.

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