School Structure

Presentation Brothers Schools Trust:

Since 2009, the school has operated under the trusteeship of the Presentation Brothers Schools Trust which is charged with preserving the Presentation ethos in its schools. The school premises are owned by the Trustees who also appoint four members of the school’s Board of Management.

Board of Management:

The Board of Management is the body charged with overall responsibility for the running of the school and the formulation of policy. It comprises eight members, drawn from the interested parties in the educational process in Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh. The Board is comprised of four representatives of the PBST and two representatives each of the teachers and the parents. The Principal acts as secretary to the Board but does not have voting rights on the Board.

Principal and Staff:

The Principal, the Deputy Principal(s) and the Staff of the school are charged with the day-to-day running of the school, the initiation and implementation of policy and have responsibility for the delivery of an education process that is consistent with the philosophy of the school, the Board of Management and the Trustees.

Parents’ Association:

The Parents’ Association, a group of parents elected by the parent-body, is a valuable medium of communication between parents and management. The Parents’ Association meets regularly to discuss issues that are important to students, parents and the school in general. The Association also organises lectures on topics of interest to parents.

Student Council:

The Students’ Council in Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh is a valuable means of involving the student-body in the life of the school. Among its principal aims are the facilitating of better communication between students and staff/management as well as the improvement of school facilities based on the suggestions and recommendations of the student-body expressed through the Council.

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