Parents are reminded that students attending our school have “School Activities Insurance”. This policy covers our students during school hours and while in school or engaged in school activities.

This is a change in the cover that existed previously which provided 24 hour cover and the change was made in response to a significant increase in the premium sought for 24 hour cover

Any parent wishing to make a claim under this Allianz policy may do so by downloading the claim form, completing the details and bringing the form to the school to be validated.

The completed form and any receipts must then be forwarded by parents to Allianz.

The premium for this cover is paid for by the school out of funds collected from parents’ voluntary contributions (which emphasises the importance of parents making this contribution!!)

Pupils who attend hospital will normally be able to claim back all expenditure under this policy. Please note that the school does not administer claims under this policy and all claims must be made directly through Allianz per the instructions on the claim form.

A link to a Claim Form may be found here: pupil-personal-accident-report-form




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