Campus Development at Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh 

Over the past decade, a programme of continual campus development has provided a modern gymnasium, a suite of six new classrooms, a dedicated lunchroom for first year students, newly refurbished student toilets and ancillary rooms. These developments allow us to accommodate our students in far greater comfort. Recently we have been awarded funding for a 7.5 million euro extension, to our school including specialist rooms and classrooms. We continue to seek and invest in such enhancements as we know that you, as parents, students and teachers want Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh to continue to be up there with the best schools in the city in terms of facilities.

The Digital Learning Centre was established to advance our students’ Digital Capacity. It has been imaginatively designed to take account of many needs – the need for collaborative thinking and engagement as well as providing 30 individual computer stations to access information and to input data. It also provides facilities for the new Computer Science programme at senior level. Further to this, there is a fully equipped computer room where 30 computers are installed. Student computer access is also available in the media room and in the library and there are three chrome book trollies with 90 chrome books for student use.

In Summer 2021 we replaced the railings and gates at the front of the school and replaced the ramp with a stepped entrance for students at the western gate. The new front gate was designed with our school crest integrated on both sides. The yard was completely resurfaced and the new tarmacadam looks really well. 

Summer 2022 gave us the opportunity to commence the installation of four temporary classrooms giving greater space to students and teachers for learning and teaching. These classrooms will be ready at midterm and will remain with us until our new extension is completed.

The school commissioned an energy audit to assess the 21st century requirements of our school. As a result, improvements were made to the heating system to make it more efficient and more economical. In addition, an array of solar panels was installed on the roof of the building. The array augments the use of electricity from the grid in real time. The efficiencies can be viewed as they occur due to software that aggregates the energy usage from gas and electricity. This also creates among students an awareness of energy usage in their environment – something that has become a greater issue for all of us as time goes by.

We look forward to continuing to improve our campus and facilities next year.