Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy, Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh, Bishopstown, Cork.

Roll number: 62580U

School Patron: Presentation Brothers Schools Trust

Use of Electronic Equipment


Students are not permitted to use personal electronic equipment in school or on school grounds, other than with the express permission of a teacher.

We would ask that parents encourage their sons to leave these devices (mobile phones etc) at home. If a student needs to contact home, then that can be done through the school office.

In the event that such devices are brought to school, students are required to turn them off at the school gate. Junior students should put them into their locker and senior students should place them in their school bag upon arrival at the school.

This means that all electronic devices must be powered off (i.e. completely shut down and not simply put on silent or vibration alert) at all times on school grounds. Personal electronic devices should remain in the student’s locker/bag until the end of the school day, when he may retrieve it and turn it on outside the school gates.

A first- time violation of this rule will result in the confiscation of the device by the teacher for the remainder of that day (the device may be collected from the Deputy Principal’s office at the end of the school day) and the imposition of a Wednesday detention. Persistent infractions will be dealt with by increased sanctions up to and including suspension.

The school takes no responsibility for mobile phones – it is the student’s responsibility. Parents should ensure that mobile phones are covered under their house insurance policy, as there is no cover available under the school’s policy.

The camera/video or other visual or sound recording component of a mobile phone or any other device may only be used when expressly authorised by a teacher. The unauthorised use of any electronic device (both on and off the school premises at any time when the student is in school uniform or engaged in any school-related activity) to take images (either still or moving) or to record sound will be regarded as a very serious infringement of school rules. Sanctions for such infringement extend from detention(s) to suspension or even expulsion.

(Policy updated May 2022)