Our Annual First Year debate took place on Tuesday, 14th May. 

The motion was “That This House Would (TTHW) make CSN co-educational”.

Speakers for the proposition were: Enda Kenney, Oscar Skorupa, Szymon Switaj and Alejandro Rea.

Speakers for the opposition were: Ivan Behan, Ayham Margham, Diarmuid Kyne and Cornel Rejman-Bochenek.

The debate itself was of a very high standard. The points made by the students and their delivery were superb.

Overall the proposition won the debate and Alejandro Rea won the best individual speaker – a fantastic achievement for a novice debater.

Many thanks to our Judges and all who helped to organise the Debate.

We look forward to seeing all the speakers in Debate Club next year. 

Ms. K Callanan

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