The boys were thankful for an extra hour in bed after their trip to Innsbruck on Wednesday and have become much more efficient in their routines. After breakfast, they quickly made their way to their instructors, excited about the possibility of making their first trip up the mountain.

The first gondola trip to station 1 was an amazing experience for the boys who have been given the green light to head up the mountain. From the gondola, you get to witness a beautiful panoramic view of the Austrian Alps and the fresh slopes beneath you.

Each boy has progressed significantly since the first day and many are now close to mastering the most difficult beginner slope in the hopes of following the first group up the mountain tomorrow.

On Thursday evening, we had a very competitive karaoke competition where each group gave their best efforts. Mr O’Sullivan was under pressure but finally declared the winning group, who sang so well, accompanied by some very entertaining dancing!

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