The lads were eager to hit the slopes this morning to make the most of their last day on the slopes. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans and the gondolas were suspended due to an early wind warning. The lads were back to their beginnings on the nursery slopes.

Fortunately, the wind subsided and the lifts were soon operational again. The lads rushed to get in their ski runs as each group headed upwards with their instructors.

With the all clear from the ski lift operators, the boys availed of their chance and completed as many runs as possible, showcasing their new found skills on the mountain slopes. By now, all groups had reached the mountain and its exhilarating trails.

At the end of the afternoon session, all groups congregated at the bottom of the nursery slopes to take a group photo as a bookend to a fantastic week of learning and fun in the Austrian Alps. 

To cap off their week of learning, the instructors proudly presented their students with a certificate of completion which signifies the level of their achievement on the slopes. 

In a bittersweet moment, the lads returned their ski gear for the last time, having had an amazing week. Now they are competent skiers with 24 hours of ski instruction behind them, ready to take on whatever meets them.

An early night tonight in preparation for a very early bus trip to Verona for the flight home.

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