of Medicines Policy

Administration of Medicines Policy of Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh, Bishopstown, Cork.

Roll number: 62580U

School Patron: Presentation Brothers Schools Trust


While the Board of Management has a duty to safeguard the health and safety of pupils when they are engaged in authorised school activities, this does not imply a duty upon the board, teaching or administrative staff to personally undertake the administration of medication.

The Board of Management requests parents to ensure that the school are made aware in writing of any medical condition suffered by their child which may require third party administration. This information should be provided at enrolment or at the development of any medical conditions at a later date.

Medication in this policy refers to medicines, tablets and sprays administered by mouth and automatic injection devices (eg. anapen) used in cases of anaphylaxis.


Policy Content

Procedure to be followed by parents who require the administration of medication for their children

  • The parent/guardian should write to the Board of Management requesting the Board to authorise staff members to administer the medication or to monitor self-administration of the medication
  • Parents are required to provide written instructions of the procedure to be followed in the administration and storing of the medication.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that the medication is delivered to the school and handed over to a responsible adult and for ensuring that an adequate supply is available.
  • Parents are responsible for replacing any medications when they have reached their expiry date.
  • Medication which has expired must be removed from the school by the parents and disposed of safely.
  • Parents are further required to indemnify the Board and authorised members of staff in respect of any liability that may arise regarding the administration of prescribed medicines in school. The Board will inform the school’s insurers accordingly.
  • Changes in prescribed medication (or dosage) should be notified immediately to the school in writing with clear written instructions of the procedure to be followed in storing and administering the new medication.
  • Where children are suffering from life threatening conditions, parents should outline clearly in writing, what should and what should not be done in a particular emergency situation, with particular reference to what may be a risk to the child.
  • Parents are required to provide a telephone number where they may be contacted in the event of an emergency arising.
  • Parents are required to ensure that their son has a sufficient supply of medication with them when attending any off campus activities (sporting trips, field trips, plays, retreats etc.)


Updated May 2019