Student Council

The role of a Student Council is to represent the student body in all matters that affect students in the school environment. Through engagement with relevant stakeholders, the Student Council works to ensure that every student can have the best experience possible during their time in Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh. It is a vital mechanism for students to share their opinions. 

The CSN Student Council 2023 is attempting to have more of an impact on the school’s affairs than in previous years. After a two year absence due to the pandemic, a lot of continuity was lost and a rejuvenation was required. We hope that this year we will be able to set up a strong foundation for future student councils to build upon. Such measures include a standardisation of procedures for Student Council elections, meetings, responsibilities and areas of focus. 

To increase engagement with students and management alike, we are taking an approach with two main aims: increasing student awareness of the Student Council, and having more involvement in school matters which affect students and other key stakeholders. 

Elements like the Student Council noticeboard and webpage, along with general publication of our work, are improving our communication with students, so that we can accurately represent the views of the wider student body. Furthermore, through regular communication and meetings with the Principal and Deputy Principals, we are building a relationship with the decision makers in the school. We hope that this will allow us to better represent the views of the students. 

This year, for the first time, the Student Council has been included in the development of school policies – an area that we are delighted to be involved in. By being involved in the creation of draft policies, we can effect change in the school much more directly, and contribute to meeting the needs of students. 

Over the course of the year, we hope to have a positive impact on the school and leave a lasting impression on the students and teachers alike. If anyone has any suggestions or opinions on the direction we are hoping to take, they are welcome to email, or speak with their respective representatives. Thank you to all the students and teachers who are helping to make our goals a possibility.

Student council election procedure 

  • The student council is composed of 12 members – 2 from each Year Group.

        ○The fifth year representatives will remain on the student council until the end of their sixth year. 

  • The council will be renewed on Sept 30th of each year. 
  • Each class nominates two people to go forward to the student council. An election process to be facilitated by the class teacher will take place in September of each year. 
  • Two from each year will then be selected in consultation with the principal, deputy principals, class teachers and year head. 
  • There will be a handover process for October of each year. 
  • The council will meet every third/fourth week to discuss matters arising.

The meeting date will be announced no later than one week before it is set to take place 

From this point, submissions for the agenda will be taken by the Secretary

The Secretary will release the Agenda no later than three days before the meeting is set to take place 

  • Weekly Goals 

For everybody within the Student Council to attend each meeting.

○To maintain confidentiality of the information discussed during the meetings 

  • Annual Goals 

To meet with the principal/deputy on occasion during the year 

To develop and maintain continuity in the student council 

To maintain the healthy relationship between the Student Council and the staff.  

○To leave a well-rounded, positive impact on Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh 

Student Council 2023 

18th April 2023

Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh Student Council 2023