Teacher Development in Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh

Teacher Development in Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh is ongoing.

  • Our teaching staff run Staff CPD (Continual Professional Development) courses – peers share methodologies in workshops and pool resources & experience

  • Our Learning & Teaching Group meet regularly to share ideas, methodologies & suggestions for workshops

  • Teaching Staff regularly attend online CPD courses to upskill in all subject areas. These courses are offered by Education Centres nationwide.

  • Departmental In-service days are held to provide information on changes/modifications to subjects

  • Three staff members, Marian Healy, Aileen O’Mahony and Anthony Seymour, recently completed training in Instructional Leadership, led by renowned educator Mr Barrie Bennet. 

Simply put I.L.,  ensures that all students receive the highest quality of instruction in each class

To do so we as educators seek to continue best practices and indeed, improve the quality of our teaching for the advancement of student learning

IL encourages dynamic delivery of curriculum in a classroom setting, through active and interactive strategies.

We are delighted to continue to engage in this training and to advance our techniques to provide the highest quality of instruction and best experience of learning for our students here in Coláiste an Spioraid Naoimh.