We had a fantastic Science Week in CSN with lots of competitions, experiments, quizzes etc.

3rd Year Science Quiz

All of our 3rd year students took part in a Science Quiz and the winners from N. Prionsias were Jacob Wallace, Olan Spoonley and Abraham Kurian. 

Rocket Competition

Mr Healy braved the lunchtime rain with a few budding NASA engineers (and a Kerryman) to celebrate Science Week by launching rockets…

Fueled by various combinations of hot and cold water, fizzy water and pepsi, the flight path to the airport was compromised a few times as some rockets cleared the height of the school!

ISTA Senior Science Quiz

The Irish Science Teachers Association Senior Science Quiz was held in UCC on Thursday 16th November. 

CSN were represented by:

Team 1: Luke Liu, Callum Morey O Leary, and Odhran Denieffe 

Team 2: Georgin Sajosh, Maahith Malhotra and Mark Fitzgerald

The Quiz consisted of eight rounds of questions on chemistry, physics and biology.

CSN were very unlucky to lose out on a trip to Dublin to the finals with one team only missing out by 2 points!

TY Egg Drop Challenge

TY Chemistry students were tasked with creating a parachute to safely deliver an egg from the 3rd floor of our school to the ground. 

Students were given very limited supplies so had to be very creative when designing their device. 

Two of our 5 teams successfully completed the challenge and had their eggs intact after the drop. 

1st Year Science Quiz

Well done to all of our First Year students!

They did really well in the Science Quiz with only one point each between the overall winners!

2nd Year Poster Competition

Our second year students worked hard to create amazing Science Week posters which were displayed around the school.

Senior Science Quiz

Our Senior Science students rose to the challenge and competed in the Senior Quiz.

Well done to all of the teams that took part – the overall winners won by just a single point!

TY Plant Green Towers

Our TY students were busy planting the Tower Gardens in the Biology Lab.

The Tower system allows fresh nutritious food to be grown all year-round almost anywhere. Requiring less space and less water means a Tower Garden is good for you and good for the environment.

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