Transition Year Ski Trip 2024 – Day 2

Onwards and (Slightly) Upwards.

After an early breakfast, the lads got changed and headed to the fresh snow, nervous about whether they would they be better, but confident that they would have a good time, having learned the important skill of stopping yesterday!

The weather in Axamer did not let us down, blue skies and glistening white snow greeted us. The advanced group, led by Mr. O’Sullivan, Ms. McCarthy & Mr. O’Connor took off like bullets while the beginners advanced to the steeper gradient of the blue slopes. Some fell, but today they also learned the important skill of getting back up and persevered to hopefully advance to the long blues tomorrow. 

This evening, tired, but happy, the lads returned to the hotel looking forward to how they will progress tomorrow.

A great day was had by all on the slopes.

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